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Hi, it’s me, Alison, the lucky one to carry on this beautiful brand built by Kerianne & Katie.

I’m originally from the Okanagan, but Vancouver Island has been home for 15 years and it’s where I’m meant to be. I’m fortunate to be able to hike and snowboard in the mountains and also have my ‘secret writing spot’ at the ocean, all within easy reach. 

I studied writing and photojournalism in university and have worked in marketing and photography in some capacity ever since. In early 2023, I left a soul-sucking corporate job feeling empty & jaded. From that moment on I committed to only saying yes to what gets me fast-talking and enthusiastically over-sharing.

So, here I am.

My first conversation with Kerianne was as I sat at the water in my ‘secret spot’, where all of my ideas tend to come together. It felt right, immediately. I was inspired by her love for the products she’s developed, her customers and most importantly, her dedication to doing the right thing.

I have a whole lot to learn and I’m incredibly grateful for the support and guidance the founders continue to offer me. I’m so happy to be a part of the story and to continue to bring real products made with real heart to market. Cure Soaps embodies everything Vancouver Island is to me; natural, genuine and raw.

 I can’t be Kerianne & Katie, but I promise to always do them proud as I learn my way. I promise there will be a few fun and unexpected things coming for you as well. ;-)

Thanks for being here.


A note from the Founders of Cure Soaps:
all natural skincare products


As active yoga instructors​,​ it was extremely important ​for​ us to find both a natural and gentle way to cleanse as well as hydrate our skin. However, ​with that being said, it was ​just as important to create products that are environmentally thoughtful. We are always mindful of the environmental footprint we leave.
We are passionate about the all natural products we create​ and we make them​ ​using​ simple and REAL ingredients.

We believe that w​hat doesn’t go into our skincare productis just as important as what does!

With love from Vancouver Island,
Kerianne & Katie
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” - Leonardo Da Vinci